Theft of original artwork

 {UPDATE: Fab have already emailed me to apologise AND removed their reworked version of my artwork and reposted with the original & proper credit. Thank you Fab.}

Hello all,

Today I thought I'd interrupt my usual Monday blog post with a little topic I'd like to throw out to discussion.

Everyday recently I seem to be coming across more and more stories of artists having their original work stolen, copied or replicated with minor alterations and then either shared or sold under the guise of another's 'original designs'.

At the moment I know there's a huge amount of press surrounding the unjust and downright low behaviour of Cody Foster & Co. {see here}, they have stolen the art of many wonderful artists and illustrators and used it to create a quick buck. It's truly shameful to think of these people, like myself working incredibly hard, doing something they truly love - putting hours and hours of work into and then having it blatantly copied. But sadly they aren't the only ones at it.

The reason for this little debate is to share with you all my own struggle, possibly we could argue due to my own stupidity/naivety when I was starting out.

Today I discovered yet another instance of my  designs being copied - unfortunately it isn't the first time.

Now let me start this story with the background - this time last year I did a little design that I was very proud of and posted it onto this blog {here}  for people to download as a phone background. That was great - it proved more popular than I could ever have imagined. Now here's for the face palm moment: I didn't watermark it. That's where the trouble started - it's my original artwork, therefore its my intellectual property - fine, but when everyone went mad pinning it, blogging it, reblogging it and posting it all over Tumblr - I found that nowhere did any of it link back to me.

Since then a number of companies have used it without my permission as downloads or as in app purchases etc - and having had a cease and desist letter drafted up I've managed to nip those I find in the bud. 

Today however the copying took a new little turn and this is where I'd love your thoughts. I'm not one to name and shame, and don't get me wrong I've emailed Fab directly - but - this is my original art, next to the image Fab posted on their Instagram earlier today.



I know I was naive to not watermark my work, and it's one thing to re post an image because you like it, without giving proper credit - fine, it happens all the time.

To me however, that image on the right is not a repost that I should simply have been 'given credit for' but a blatant rip off of my design, no? 

I'd love your thoughts... 


p.s. this isn't a witch hunt against Fab, at all - more a word of caution to others like me out there, and a call for people to properly credit work. Thank you x