{FITNESS} all the gear...

Hello all!

It's Wednesday again {boo for the mid week blues} BUT this week starts a new Wednesday fitness feature over here on the ONR blog! 

I was super humbled and really warmed by the lovely comments and tweets I received after my progress post last Wednesday so I thought I'd start to share a little more about specifically what I've done & maybe share some top tips.

When I started on my little journey I totally hit the shops to get me some suitable new workout gear {classic me, all the gear and no idea!!} but now that I'm a bit more all the gear and some idea I thought I'd share my top 5 gym essentials!

1//.  Lululemon   Wunder Under Pants  2//.  Bobble   bottle  3//.  Nike   Pro Sports Bra  4//.  Nike   Free TR 4 Trainers  5//.  Lululemon   Core Kicker Tank .

1//. Lululemon Wunder Under Pants 2//. Bobble bottle 3//. Nike Pro Sports Bra 4//. Nike Free TR 4 Trainers 5//. Lululemon Core Kicker Tank.

A little about my choices - the leggings: there is nothing worse at the gym than see through, baggy leggings {yuck}. Having searched for an eternity for a well made, nicely fitting AND totally un-seethrough pair I finally stumbled across Lululemon whilst in Vancouver. They are literally the BEST leggings EVER. No question. The top: again, a Lululemon piece this top is my fave of a few that I have - the back is really pretty, the material is super soft and breathable plus the fit is really flattering. It has a medium support built in bra, but I like to add a little extra with my trusty Nike Pro sports bra. The trainers: super light weight, crazy comfortable and beautiful looking these trainers are ace for both the high intensity cardio workouts I do AND the cross fit strength and conditioning training - a good pair of all rounders! Lastly the bottle: Bobble are awesome - their inexpensive, simply designed bottle goes everywhere with me. It carbon filters any nasties out of your water as you drink giving you nice fresh water on the go!

We all know that what you were at the gym doesn't really matter, it's what you do that counts BUT I don't know about you but if I'm comfortable and I feel good it makes me feel relaxed and motivated to work harder. Plus, as I reach little milestones along the way I like to treat myself with something new. A month or so ago I bought myself a new sports bra, this week I got some new trainers {my previous ones were prettttty old & gross}. 

So there you have it, my top 5 workout essentials.

Please share with me any essentials that you can't be without! I'm always keen to try new things!