{SWEAT} 7 minute jelly legs workout

Hello all!

Get ready for jelly legs this week after this next little 7 minute workout instalment. The aim of the game with these vids is to give you a few new exercises to get you started on the fitness wagon, or to add in to your existing workouts to mix things up!

7 minute legs: 

Use your watch or phone to set a 7 minute timer - perform as many sets of the 3 exercises as you can within the time frame. Take your time with each one, though, making sure you get it right - it's not a race :)

It's really important with these workouts to focus on your form, not speed. Incorrect form can cause injuries - and taking the time to do it right will give you the best results and target the correct muscle sets. Concentrate on keeping your body flat, back straight, bum tucked in, abs tight - it's much more important than getting through more sets in the time frame! 

 First up - Jump Lunges 

- 15

These are KILLER on the old quads, expect them to feel like they're seizing up - it's all good. If it gets too much you can pause for a few seconds & shake em out before continuing.

The most important thing to remember when doing any kind of squats/lunges is not to let your knees pass your toes. It's all-too-easy to do, it puts tension on all of the wrong muscles and over exerts your knee joint. Make sure you dip down with your back knee for these rather than forward with your front.

[tip: if you struggle with balance, pause to steady yourself between each jump rather than going straight into it, the more you do, the better your balance will become - stick at it!] 

 Next Up - Weighted Squats 

- 10 squats {5-12kg weight} 

Make sure with these that you keep your back straight, head up, bottom back and, again, don't let those knees pass your toes.

You should really feel this exercise working your glutes, hams & quads. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, grip your weight with both hands, look up, and lower yourself down with your bottom doing all the work - like you're sitting down onto a chair. If you can, keeping your arms straight, gently lower yourself until your kettle bell/weight touches the floor. Slowly raise back up and at the top, squeeze your glutes {bottom} forward.

[tip: if you're struggling to keep your back straight, or your knees keep passing your toes there are two variations you can try. First - perform this exercise with your back against a wall, using it to support your back and keep you upright as you squat down. Second - face a wall with your toes touching it, and squat - this will prevent you over-throwing your knees!]

Finally - Squat Jumps

- 10 

You're squatting just like before, maintaining good form, but this time without weights. Instead of coming up slowly to standing, you want to squat down then explode up, straightening your legs, tightening your glutes & throwing your arms back, before carefully landing and taking it back into a squat.

Just repeat these three circuits as many times as you can in 7 minutes. You'll definitely get that heart rate right up & a bit of a sweat on with just these but as always, if you're feeling pumped you can definitely tag on some more body weight exercises or throw in some high intensity cardio!

Remember to always stretch everything out as you warm down & make sure you give your body the protein hit it needs!

Hope you liked the second installment of mini workouts - more to come next week :)




p.s. please remember, I'm in no way a fitness 'professional' - this is just my humble advice & personal experiences! If you feel unwell at any point during these exercises, stop & if you have any previous medical conditions, do make sure you consult your doctor or a physiotherapist before you do any of the above mentioned exercises! I can't be held responsible if you hurt yourselves lovelies - so do be careful - and HAVE FUN!