{SWEAT} 7 minute arms & abs workout

Hello all! 

I thought I'd share with you this week a really simple 7 minute arms & abs workout that you can do on its own or as part of a longer fitness session. It's all body weight only so you don't need any equipment or a pricey gym membership - just a little bit of floor space and your bod!

Apologies in advance for the video quality - it was just a couple of super quick ones taken during a normal workout - for the next few of these posts {if you're keen to see more of course} I'll hopefully be able to get some better quality video on my camera rather than my iPhone!

Anyway, before you get started with this little set you need to warm up - it's a non negotiable, cold muscles are not conducive to an injury free workout! A great warm up is 2 minutes of skipping - sounds easy, but I promise you it'll get the blood pumping in no time. Following the skipping, it's a good idea to gently stretch out your legs & arms. Alternatively if you're at a gym you could do 5 minutes on the stepper or a steady 5 minute fast walk to get your heart rate up! 

7 minute arms & abs: 

Use your watch or phone to set a 7 minute timer - perform as many sets of the 2 exercises as you can within the time frame. Take your time with each one, making sure you get it right - it's not a race :) 

 First up - Mountain Climbers with Push-Up 

- {4 Mountain Climbers + 1 Push-up} x 5

You want to start this set in the plank position up on your hands, palms placed firmly below your shoulders. Pull your knee towards your hands & snap it back to plank, alternative your legs 4 times then steady yourself & lower down with your chest into a push-up. Repeat.

[tip: if you struggle with a full push-up as in the video, you can modify it until you're ready to progress by carefully dropping down onto your knees before lowering your torso to the floor & pushing back up.] 

It's really important with these workouts to focus on your form, not speed. Incorrect form can cause injuries - and taking the time to do it right will give you the best results and target the correct muscle sets. So take your time, concentrate on keeping your body flat, back straight, bum tucked in, abs tight - it's much more important than getting through more sets in the time frame! 

 Next Up - Commandos 

- 20 Commandos {down - up - down = 1 set} 

I actually really like commandos, you can feel the muscle pull across all of your abdominals, including those transverse abs that sit ups don't really touch. Also - this ones killer on the shoulders & arms too! Super effective at strengthening & lengthening a whole host of muscle groups! 

Start in a plank position, resting on your elbows & lift yourself up onto your hands, making sure they're directly below your shoulders and your body is all in line, no dipping at the lower back or pushing your bottom to the ceiling. Pull in your abs, keep your back straight. Lower back down onto your elbows & repeat, for 20 counts!

Then back into mountain climbers....switching between each set for the full 7 minutes.

once you've completed your workout, whether you just stick to a short 7 minutes or carry on with a longer session, makes sure you always always stretch again! Plus it's a good idea to also give your body a hit of muscle repairing protein too - a protein shake, some chicken, a boiled egg, some nuts/seeds...you want to get as close to 20g protein as you can!  

There are a TON of different body weight exercises that you can do without the need for expensive gym memberships or equipment. Just a little patch of floor & your own bod! If there's a particular area you'd like me to share some exercises for, or if you have any questions / suggestions, holla!