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Hello all,

Just thought I'd share this photograph of a stunningly beautiful collection of natural crystals that I found whilst browsing Pinterest yesterday.

Sometimes when I feel a little uninspired {right about now} it takes something really simple like this photograph to make me realise what an amazing world we live in and how many awe inspiringly beautiful things surround us. When I saw it, it seemed to give me a little kick up the bottom that:

1//. there is so much out there to see and inspire, I can't possibly be stuck in this little creative rut forever, I just need to get out there and explore a little bit more rather than expecting inspiration to just come to me.


2//. you can't rush things, you can't rush creativity - just like the crystals in that photo - god only knows how long it took for them to form {I suspect a really long time} and no one organised them into that formation, they just grew into this beautiful thing because nature was allowed to take its course. 

So, I don't know about you, and I'm not quite sure how one photo had such a profound effect on me, but in times of 'uninspiration' {I know that isn't a word!} like now, I'm not going to try and force it. In fact, I think, focusing on trying to be inspired most probably has the opposite effect on my creativity. 

Instead I'll focus on doing the things that make me happy; try to enjoy the simple things - and when that bolt of inspiration comes, I'll just embrace it and see where it takes me.

Has anyone else been feeling this way recently, or is it just me?


{hello} Vancouver you beautiful, beautiful city!

Hello all,

So as many of you are probably already aware I'm now in Vancouver, visiting some super ace friends - which means that a} I have a little more time to blog and b} I'm doing sweet stuff every day {yay!}.

Vancouver is absolutely amazing, like everything about it is totally wicked - I'm going to try and share with you guys a few cool places to go if you happen to be in town over the coming days, and I'm also going to try and get a cheeky {DIY} post in on Friday too - I've missed doing them!

Today though I just wanted to share some snaps I've taken of the stunning sunsets I've been lucky enough to catch pretty much everyday! It's amazing to be in a place where on minute you're in a super busy downtown setting, and 20 minutes later you can be on the side of a mountain or chilling at an amazing freshwater lake! It certainly puts Southampton to shame!

So here are some of my little snaps {taken on my iPhone 4 - didn't bring my snazzy camera!}

 Sunset from the beach at English Bay, downtown Vancouver...
 Also at English Bay...
 Absolutely amazing sunset from Cypress Mountain {thanks to Manny and Ben for taking me there especially to see it!}
Almost sunset at the old shipyard in North Vancouver...
 So to take this photo I had to scale a fence at Stanley Park and scramble through brambles and god knows what {I even got thorns in my legs!} only to realise that I could have walked 100m further to the 'lookout' and seen the full sunset in all its glory...idiot? Anyway, I think this shots far more natural {ahem.}
Yesterday's sunset at Ambleside Park - honestly, Vancouver is just too beautiful!

Seriously, this place is amazing. I could totally see myself living here, Vancouver has it all - it has all of the cool restaurants and bars and shops that you would enjoy discovering in London but without the horrendously stressful amount of people everywhere - yet it also has such breathtaking spots of unspoilt natural beauty just a stones throw away from the city centre action. It's the place to be I'm telling you!

Anyway, hope you liked my little snaps, I'll be sharing more on Vancouver with you all over the coming days!