{hello} something exciting is happening!

Hello all,

Merriest of Christmasses to you and lots of festive New Years wishes too! I hope you all, like me ate way too much and enjoying some quality time with your nearest and dearest?

So, amongst the madness of Christmas - getting all of my orders posted in time for the big day; making, buying and wrapping gifts for the family; prepping food for the festivities and generally driving here there and everywhere - something VERY VERY exciting has been brewing.

It's one of those exciting things that you literally cannot wait to share with everyone. I've been finger crossing and touching wood and hoping that I have a big stash of good karma somewhere to help this little exciting thing happen...{and no I'm not pregnant, or engaged - so don't go jumping to conclusions everyone!}, and what I can tell you all now is that - it is definitely happening {hooray}. 

However I can't share just yet exactly what it is. All I can say is that it has the potential to be pretty big {hopefully} for OH NO Rachio and that it might well mean that I'm the busiest bee I've ever been in a few weeks time. I promise I'll share it soon - I might burst otherwise!

In the mean time though, whilst you imagine what it might be - here's a few little snaps of our Christmas...
Jacks sister, lovely Kate knitted me this AWESOME snood! It's super neon pink...{thanks Kate!!}.
Julian decided the snood made a good hat too...
Toasting my toes {and burning my arm} on the roasty open fire!
Such pretty tree lights!
Jack & I made this heap of deliciousness! You can find the recipe here...
Jack bought me the most amazeballs  presents - this super sweet 50mm lens AND that saweeeet camera strap! {YAY}.
{hello} fair isle hottie!

Anyway, I hope you liked my little insight into the rather lovely little Christmas I had.
I hope yours were similarly wonderful and festive and Santa brought you everything you wanted!


{goodness me} last week...

Hello all, it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

Had you forgotten about me? I've been AWOL this week again - and not even because I've been galavanting around on a lovely holiday! {boo}. I have indeed been working what feels like two full-time jobs. Going to work during the day and then creating and packaging lots of orders at night - and then queueing at the Post Office for my entire lunch break everyday to get everybody's lovely orders out to them in time for Christmas!

So today I thought I'd just check in and say hey and share with you a few snaps of my busy bee week!
My awesome stickers from Moo arrived! {yay for pretty packaging!}
This little man joined the family...
All of these to illustrate in one evening.
All ready to package up!
Finn had a bad hair day...
I went all festive with my nails...
Saturday morning pre 9am this was me..
Oodles of candy canes to pop into my orders {everyone loves a sweet treat!}.
My creation in all of its glory {so proud!} - I now have somewhere to store all of my notebooks!
My rather festive, neat and tidy little desk :)

With any luck - I'll be nice and organised and have some lovely posts for you all throughout the week...

Festive cheer and happy Monday!

{etsy} so this happened...

Hello all,

As I type this it's nearly 1am and I'm rather tired, tired that is, for good reason - because I've been busy packaging orders!

These last few days have been rather manic, with custom requests, inquiries and orders coming out of my ears. It's fantastic {if a little tiring} and all down to the lovely Etsy using one of my items as the image to their Christmas promotional front page banner. Whenever anyone visits etsy.com from anywhere in Europe - my little notebooks appear just as they do above...I'm truly honoured and very flattered that they would choose to use my little illustrations! {yay!}.

So apologies for the lack of posts for yesterday and Monday - I had intended to get them scheduled as I usually do over the weekend, but alas - I've been very much engrossed in illustrating my little socks off!

I've managed to get all order completed, packaged and posted...so I hope to keep up to date with my usual posting for the rest of this week.

Lots of love and festive spirit!

p.s. you can have a little look at those little notebooks and lots more gift ideas here!

{DIY} simple festive wreath...

Hello all,

Happy Friday - it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.... a mere 25 days to go! 

Today I have for you, a very simple, pretty {DIY} that you can customise to suit your festive colour scheme. Yay! Prepare for a positive myriad of pretty coloured photos!

All you need is a 'twig' wreath {I got mine from Hobbycraft for like £2}, a glue gun and some little baubles or other festive knick knacks!


Isn't this just the most festive work space? I love it :)


These gorgeous baubles {100 of them!!} are from Paperchase :)


{hello} Paris!

Hello all,

I'm back, I hope you liked the little posts I lined up whilst I was away! I thought I'd snap to it and share with you some pictures I took whilst on our little mid week trip to the beautiful city of Paris!

We stayed in a sweet little apartment in the northern part of central Paris, which we found on this ace website called 'air b'n'b'. It was a lot cheaper than staying in a hotel and we really enjoyed it because it was really relaxed and we had the flexibility to come and go as we pleased and have the run of a whole {albeit small} apartment. 

Over the few days we were there we enjoyed lots of sight seeing, lots of lovely food and the odd bit of shopping too! We didn't use the Metro at all and walked nearly 12 miles around Paris on our first day as the weather was so nice! {Quite the contrast to back here in the UK it would seem!}. My fuelband was certainly loving life with all of the walking we did - my legs, not so much!!

So without further ado here are some sly little snaps of our trip...more to come later in the week :)
This was our first glimpse of the Eiffel tower {yay!}.
The leaves on all of the trees were the most beautiful autumn colours!
Someone had added red noses to lots of the statues around the city! So cute...
I love the colours in this shot and it was SUCH a nice day to be exploring!
This font was pretty ace...
Little porcelain Phantom of the Opera birdies in the incredible window displays at posh department store Bon Marche! {Think Selfridges rather than the old lady shop 'bon marche' we have over here!!}
This was the awesome ceilings and rather ostentatious tree at the Galeries Lafayette in Opéra
These were the rather neon Christmas decorations lining the Champs-Élysées!!

Anyways, it was all rather lovely!
You should go!


{christmas} a cheeky little 'make your own' kit!

Hello all,

A new one from me today, I don't usually do 'reviews' of products but this one is a little different. This little kit is made by a fellow local blogger and wonderfully crafty lady, the lovely Georgina Giles. She makes these rad little dinosaurs which I love. 

Anyway, she's just started selling lovely little christmas decoration kits...available here, and she asked if I'd like to have a little go at making one myself. They're really very sweet and come with all the necessary materials {just add scissors} PLUS the templates included mean you can make as many as you want to add to your tree...actually making bunting from lots of these little trees would be ace!
I think these kits would be perfect for a little crafternoon with children {it made me want a little gang to work with!}. Lots of colours of felt, maybe throw in some glitter and sequins and let the little fellas get creative - then you could bring out your little creations every year!

Thank you Georgina for this little beauty!