5 {simple} things

Hello all & HAPPY happy Friday!

I hope you've all had a lovely week, despite the very strange weather we've been having over here in the UK! 

I thought I'd share a new little feature with you all today, '5 {simple} things' that made my week! Sometimes we all, we I know I do, over complicate things and it only makes life stressful - so in the spirit of keeping things simple and being thankful for the little things...here's my new feature.
1//. these boots for helping not killing my feet on their first outing...to an interview!
2//. this felt from Lupin for being such cheery colours!
3//. this order that arrived from the wonderful Leigh..shop here.
4//. this banana cake - because Jack made it & it tasted heavenly.
5//. these beautiful new cards that arrived for my Etsy orders..shop here.
What simple things made your week?
Have an ace weekend - I shall be working tomorrow but digging at the allotment Sunday - hoorah!


p.s I have one of these little ex shop display hand illustrated plates left if someone would like it?
£12.50 {50% off} - tweet me @ohnorachio if you would like him!
original Etsy listing here.

❤ ♥ {playing cupid} ♥ ❤

Hello all,

What a manic Monday I'm set to have! This weekend was equally busy, what with our one year blog birthday and the little South bloggers meet I organised, as well as worky work all Sunday and orders galore to make!

I hope you all had a fun, or perhaps nice and relaxing weekend? Later in the week I shall endeavour share some snippets of our blogger lunch...but for now I thought I'd share a little insight into my role...as cupid!
So over the past few weeks my little illustrated Valentines cards have proved rather popular all over the World which is super nice to see - I love to think that my little hand illustrated cards are making people's v-days just that little bit more special...although I did think the other day how sad it is that all these cards will most probably get thrown away :( {Jack said to think of them as 'temporary art' - which made me feel a little better!}.

Anyway, I offer to write the customer's 'beau's' name on the envelope, which a lot of people like me to do, however this year - I've had numerous requests for me to write the whole card and sign it anonymously and then post it directly to the recipient!! This makes me feel like a real life cupid, but I did also think that with no name to the cards, but my sticker on the back - there may be a few men {and women} out there thinking the cards are from me?! Either way, it's nice to think that I'm helping to add that little bit of mystery and fun to the big day of love!

If you'd like a little card for your Valentine  - today is the last day to order!

Happy Monday!

{oh my} isn't this littl'un just the cutest...

Hello all,

One of the things I love the most about making handmade gifts for people is hearing what the recipients think of my work. It always gives me that warm fuzzy feeling when I receive a sweet comment from one of my customers! 

So I got an even warmer fuzzier feeling when two of my lovely customers Faith and Max shared with me some pictures of the super cute little Amelia with the bunny that I made. Faith and Max bought it as a gift for her birth and I'm told she takes it absolutely everywhere with her. See, warm and fuzzy right?

You can get your hands on your own little bunny here! Each one is made to order, so if you want a different combination of colours, then just ask...I'll be happy to help!
Isn't she just the cutest little thing?

Thank you so much Max for sharing these photos - and thank you too to Amelia's very proud parents for letting me share them with you all!

Christmas is so near! eek!
Lots of love,

{etsy} a little new addition...

Hello all!

Just a little update today for you - I have a sweet little free printable to share this week that's perfect for adding to your gifts this Christmas!

But today I thought I'd share a little addition to the shop that I made yesterday. It's super sweet and rather small (A7) and is the perfect little book to pop into even the smallest handbag and jot down all of those things you just must remember to do!

I hope you like it - it would make the a rather lovely little stocking filler addition, still a couple of days left to order if you're wanting your gift shipping within the UK!
You can get yourself or a lucky friend one of these sweet little books for just £5 here!

Festivities to you all!

{etsy} so this happened...

Hello all,

As I type this it's nearly 1am and I'm rather tired, tired that is, for good reason - because I've been busy packaging orders!

These last few days have been rather manic, with custom requests, inquiries and orders coming out of my ears. It's fantastic {if a little tiring} and all down to the lovely Etsy using one of my items as the image to their Christmas promotional front page banner. Whenever anyone visits etsy.com from anywhere in Europe - my little notebooks appear just as they do above...I'm truly honoured and very flattered that they would choose to use my little illustrations! {yay!}.

So apologies for the lack of posts for yesterday and Monday - I had intended to get them scheduled as I usually do over the weekend, but alas - I've been very much engrossed in illustrating my little socks off!

I've managed to get all order completed, packaged and posted...so I hope to keep up to date with my usual posting for the rest of this week.

Lots of love and festive spirit!

p.s. you can have a little look at those little notebooks and lots more gift ideas here!

Need some Christmas inspiration?

Hello all!

Christmas is a mere 33 days away...goodness me it's come around quick eh? I'm itching to put my decoartions up...I think maybe it's because I work in retail and everything around me is Christma-fied {not a word?} so I feel like my home is not looking festive enough. I'm holding on in there though, I've snuck a few little decorations onto the massive branch over my desk...but the tree - I'm holding out on that one as long as I can!

Anyway, today I thought I'd do a little shameless self promotion - just with the idea to give you some inspiration in the way of gifts for those you love {or yourself, I won't tell}, as well as spur you on with some past DIY ideas to get you in the handmade Christmas spirit {Kirstie Allsopp would be so proud}!
'Ready to wrap'...all items avaiable here!
You can see all of my {DIY}s here :)

Don't miss the last posting dates though for your gifts...find out what they are {and get yourself a snazzy calendar} here!


{christmas} a cheeky little 'make your own' kit!

Hello all,

A new one from me today, I don't usually do 'reviews' of products but this one is a little different. This little kit is made by a fellow local blogger and wonderfully crafty lady, the lovely Georgina Giles. She makes these rad little dinosaurs which I love. 

Anyway, she's just started selling lovely little christmas decoration kits...available here, and she asked if I'd like to have a little go at making one myself. They're really very sweet and come with all the necessary materials {just add scissors} PLUS the templates included mean you can make as many as you want to add to your tree...actually making bunting from lots of these little trees would be ace!
I think these kits would be perfect for a little crafternoon with children {it made me want a little gang to work with!}. Lots of colours of felt, maybe throw in some glitter and sequins and let the little fellas get creative - then you could bring out your little creations every year!

Thank you Georgina for this little beauty!

{etsy update} a new little item...

Hello all,

Firstly, I do hope you're all well and had a lovely weekend - apologies for the lack of post yesterday, I received some very sad news, so blogging was the last thing on my mind. You might also find that posting in general over here for the next few days is a little sparse too, so apologies in advance for that. 

I thought I'd just share a little one with you today...I've designed this teeny tiny cake stand for your enjoyment! He's now listed over on my little Etsy shop and would make a lovely little stocking filler for the baking lover in your life! 
He's a mere 12cm in diameter, making him the ultimate stand for a little cupcake OR one of these or even a mini version of this OR a wee pile of these.
The possibilities are endless!


{YAY or NAY} baby clouds...

| UPDATE: | You can now buy one of these cheeky little chaps here!
 Hello all,

Happy post halloween Thursday...I hope you all had wild nights? I, had a night in alone, watching the horrendous rain outside, wrapped in a blanket, sewing - thinking that old hurricane Sandy might be making an appearance in Southampton.

Well, what I was sewing neatly and methodically were these little fellows...miniature versions of my happy cloud cushion. I made the first one with some excess fabric left over from making a big one for a lovely little order which I just sent off to Israel!

Anyway, the reason for this post was to test the waters and see what you lovely readers think of the little chaps....I ask, YAY or NAY to selling them on Etsy? Would you buy one to keep you company on your desk/bed and encourage you to smile even when the weather is awful these coming months?

Also, how about a mobile for a baby's nursery, or just a single cloud as a gift for a new born, or a stocking filler for kids {and adults too!}.
Any thoughts?
Also, what do you think of the tag? They are completely new to my products and I rather like them - gotta love a good heart!
I'd really love your input on this one :)


{Etsy} dear santa...

Hello all,

Let me present to you, on this chilly Monday morning - my second offering in the run up to Christmas, I know, I know, it's October...but I'm being super organised, so feast your eyes!
Did you, like me used to leave a mince pie, a carrot and a glass of whisky out for Santa on Christmas eve? Oh my, I literally used to be in awe in the morning when I discovered the whisky was gone, along with the pie and a bite from the carrot...it makes me laugh that I believed it - I actually remember crying when I found out Santa wasn't real and thinking - next they'll tell me the tooth fairy isn't real either! {sad times}.

Anyway - as an homage to those amazing wonder filled Christmases where Santa was real, I created this super cute little hand illustrated treat plate. For those with kiddies {or those who are just big kiddies} this plate can become part of family tradition and {to be the biggest cringe} keep the magic alive!
You can get your very own little plate from my Etsy shop here.

Hope you had a lovely weekend despite the horrible chilly weather!