*| cute kittens & little ladybirds |*

Hello all,

I'm back in the swing of things now having had a rather lovely 8 days off and what better way to kick things off post Prague than with some weekday cuteness?

It's no secret that I'm an uber lover of cute animals {this Pinterest board says it all...} so when I unwrapped my little birthday gifts from my pal Harriet I couldn't have been more happy!

She was kind enough to purchase me these super awesome collar clips from another fave of mine's Etsy shop - the wonderful Zoe - of Ladybirdlikes. I'm in love {excuse the pun} and can't wait to get myself some more pretty collared tops to wear them with!
Zoe also included a sweet little pastel pink bird brooch with my collar clips too which is super cute!

LadybirdLikes have the most awesome collar clips & necklaces many of which I'm rather partial to - here are my two current faves from the newest collection...
1//. PUGS!

Not only was I lucky enough to receive those beautiful heart collar clips but Harriet also gave me a set of each of her *super duper new* animal nail transfers which I was literally over the moon about as I'd been lusting after those little critters since she mentioned she was going to be getting them printed a little while ago.

As you can see - I couldn't decide which animal to cover my little nails in, so I decided on all three & in doing so have myself something of an animal party on my hands right now!
Harriet sells three different sets of animal nail transfers catering to each camp of animal lovers out there {well, fluffy animal lovers - no reptiles around here}. Each pack contains 40 critters of varying sizes {awesome if you have abnormally teeny nails like me}, they are super easy to apply & they look really good! The detail is amazing!

Thank you SO much Harriet!

If you would like to get your hands on some of these puppies {lol} you can just click the link below each of the photos & pop a set {or three} in your basket! simples.

PLUS - I'm told that the third part of my present is yet to arrive...I'm pretty stoked to see what else it could be that could top trump my first two ace pressies! Watch this space...OH AND...how could I forget, she bequeathed upon me a little bundle of new succulent babies from her recent charity shop hoard!! Yay. :)
So, if you have a birthday coming up - definitely get yourself down to Etsy and have a gander at the rest of Zoe & Harriet's work {oh and you might as well have a little browse of mine too whilst you're there!}, because everyone loves a unique gift and its really important that we all support handmade, and help small businesses grow & flourish!

It's awesome having such talented & thoughtful friends.

Until tomorrow.


{OH NO!} where's rachio?

Hopefully you can guess from the *hilarious* title of this post that Rachel is not here today ... Oh no! She has been whisked off by her lovely boy to celebrate her birthday at an exciting secret destination .. but where?? Well, actually I don't know!
So, instead you have a little guest post from me, Harriet. Hello, nice to meet you!

When it comes to birthdays and (more importantly) the presents, unless I'm making the gift myself, (i do like a bit of DIY!) I love to hunt for the perfect surprise from independent shops, and of course my first port of call is the wonder that is Etsy! I'm assuming you're all familiar with Etsy by now, you are OHNORACHIO fans after all! 
I think you'll agree, you're guaranteed to find something beautifully made and totally unique over there.

I don't know about you, I *always* start out with the best intentions when I begin my search for the perfect gift for my mum/boy/bezzie/cat on etsy ... however ... something seems to take over me and before I know it I have completely forgotten the task at hand and am half way through creating a substantial list entitled : 'for MY birthday i would like...' 

Please tell me I'm not the only one?

Well today I thought it would be a good opportunity to get into the spirit of birthdays and show you all some of my most favouritist of things around on etsy at the moment. This treasury pretty much sums up my current loves : muted pastels, succulents, and cats (obviously). 

Rare German Junghans Bivox V...

Blue Tiled LARGE cardstock p...

Bird Wooden Collar Clips

Faceted Hanging Tray

Faceted Wood Planter Polygon...

Custom Pet Portrait Illustra...

Black Cat Dress

Mint Hearts

Tote Bag - Stay Home Club


Baby Cream Bunny Rabbit Plus...

His and Hers Cat Nap Pillowc...

Mountain Shelf in Ice Green,...

Women's fitted cotton T-...

Little succulent or cacti po...

Seaweeds canvas poster - vin...

I do hope you enjoyed my *slightly* self indulgent blog post today! Have you seen any favourites on etsy recently that you'd like to add to your own birthday wish list? (I'd love to see! Leave me a link in the comments)

Now, please excuse me whilst I sit and sulk over the fact it's not my birthday, and that I'm not away enjoying myself on a surprise holiday ... sighhhhhhh

This post was brought to you by harriet gray : visit her blog here : take a look at her etsy shop here :D