{Etsy} stationery lovers take note...

Hello all,

Do you, like me love stationery? Do you also love Christmas? Yes? Then look no further than my wee Etsy shop...

In my super organised christmas stocking drive, here's what I've added to the shop in the last week...they're my first hard back notebooks and I'm rather excited to share them!

··· {hand illustrated} ···

{Etsy} dear santa...

Hello all,

Let me present to you, on this chilly Monday morning - my second offering in the run up to Christmas, I know, I know, it's October...but I'm being super organised, so feast your eyes!
Did you, like me used to leave a mince pie, a carrot and a glass of whisky out for Santa on Christmas eve? Oh my, I literally used to be in awe in the morning when I discovered the whisky was gone, along with the pie and a bite from the carrot...it makes me laugh that I believed it - I actually remember crying when I found out Santa wasn't real and thinking - next they'll tell me the tooth fairy isn't real either! {sad times}.

Anyway - as an homage to those amazing wonder filled Christmases where Santa was real, I created this super cute little hand illustrated treat plate. For those with kiddies {or those who are just big kiddies} this plate can become part of family tradition and {to be the biggest cringe} keep the magic alive!
You can get your very own little plate from my Etsy shop here.

Hope you had a lovely weekend despite the horrible chilly weather!

{Etsy} holidays are coming...

Hello all,

I'm a perpetual list writer, I love the satisfaction of ticking off those tasks...however when it comes to being super organised and getting in there early with holiday prep for my Etsy shop - I'm actually pretty rubbish!

I never seem to get holiday items into my shop with lots of time to spare meaning I catch those last minute shoppers {ahem, maybe me} but most definitely miss the organised christmas shoppers among us...so this year I am determined to get on it early!

Also, I'm one of those scrooges that winges when the shops whack out the decorations in September - now though, I'm seeing method in the madness...

So without further ado...here is my first christmas offering, available to purchase here
I hope you like it :)
Lots more to follow in the coming days hopefully!