it's {craft} party time!

Hello all!!

So today I thought I'd share with you my favourite snaps from our rather successful {if I do say so myself} Etsy Craft Party, or #SCP!

We had the most amazing day - ate some truly yummy cakes and treats, met some really wonderful like minded people, won some awesome prizes AND made ourselves some sweet motivational pennants and merit badges!

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5 {simple} things.

Hello all,

Happy Friday to you - I have a lovely day off today so have spent the morning topping up the spring clean {hence the later than usual post!}. 

Here's this weeks 5 {simple} things...
1//. These eggs from my lovely mummy's neighbour Pam..well Pam's chickens! {my fave is the little blue/green one!}
2//. The best poached eggs for breakfast this morning thanks to those little chickens!
3//. These awesome original illustrations by Stacie Swift!
4//. This pudding of stewed plums and homemade Mario star geeky cookies!
5//. This order - of 40 hand illustrating notebooks for finally being shipped - HOORAAAH!
All in all, a good week! What were your favourite things this week?


{new} to ONR...scallops!

Hello all,

It's Monday again - is it just me or did that come around especially quickly this week? I hope you had a lovely weekend!

On Friday evening I had a little design epiphany - these little scalloped chaps, inspired by the many pairs of scalloped shorts & pretty tops I've been eyeing up in the shops and online for a little while now.

So far I've hand illustrated a little tea set and a rather large {& very lovely} serving bowl - but I have visions of a whole host of other pretties.
I'd really like to set up a properly styled shoot for my items, especially the ceramics, I'd love to get some summery shots of the serving ware and some of the side plates laid out with salads and other yummy treats - but I currently can't seem to conjure up appetising shots of food! It's a tricky art that - perhaps I'll need a little help!

So what do you think? Do we approve of the new design, & would you like to see it on a specific item...the mini cake stand perhaps?

These should be listed in the shop later this week - hoorah!


tidy desk. tidy mind.

Hello all,

It's all been a little messy in my little desk/studio space/mind recently - so I decided on Sunday to give it a good spring clean. Plus I'd forgotten, in all the mess to add my gorgeous new little drawer that I bought from Muji to the party!

I can't help but think my cluttered work area is a rather accurate representation of my with that I give you: tidy desk. tidy mind.   TA DA...
All I need now are some more little illustrations to add to my mini collection. If you sell your own illustrations - link me in a comment, I'd love to see them!


{hello} kitty...

Hello all!

Hopefully not too many of you are suffering from the Monday blues, well perhaps you are following the pitiful weather we've continued to have this weekend eh?

Anyway, I have just the remedy - something sweet to cheer you all up.

I started drawing this little kitty on Saturday night...yes, I didn't watch the rugby, in fact I didn't watch anything as our TV isn't working...waaah. I found this adorable image whilst browsing Pinterest and couldn't resist drawing him!

I hope you like him - I think it's actually the first cat I've ever drawn, is that weird? I'm usually a dog lady but with so many bezzies of mine {& Jack} being cat lovers I think I'm being converted!

More tomorrow :)


a weekend in pictures.

Hello all,

This weekend I was lucky enough to be off work - it was a super ace little surprise actually as I hadn't booked it off or anything! Well, I had a huge amount of things to do, including cleaning the apartment - which looked like an unaccomplishable task - but I did it!

I thought I'd share with you some little snippets of my Saturday & Sunday :)

I had fun with toy dinosaurs; got hand cramp illustrating a large custom order; added some more detail to my bird illustration; bought some sweet little heart stickers for my packaging; played with my new retina display MacBook baby; got the little potato tubers out to start growing and added some washi details to some orders I had to post!

On Sunday I journeyed up to London to meet my lovely pal Bing and her awesome friend from Chicago Marie! Here are a few Sunday snaps, needless to say they are pretty much all food!

Fortnum & Mason, the most beautiful department store had so many gorgeous cakes and pastries! Plus the whole store's colour scheme is the same mint green you can see in my logo and up there on my nails {fave}, so I was most pleased!
I hope you all hid similarly lovely weekends!


❤ ♥ {playing cupid} ♥ ❤

Hello all,

What a manic Monday I'm set to have! This weekend was equally busy, what with our one year blog birthday and the little South bloggers meet I organised, as well as worky work all Sunday and orders galore to make!

I hope you all had a fun, or perhaps nice and relaxing weekend? Later in the week I shall endeavour share some snippets of our blogger lunch...but for now I thought I'd share a little insight into my cupid!
So over the past few weeks my little illustrated Valentines cards have proved rather popular all over the World which is super nice to see - I love to think that my little hand illustrated cards are making people's v-days just that little bit more special...although I did think the other day how sad it is that all these cards will most probably get thrown away :( {Jack said to think of them as 'temporary art' - which made me feel a little better!}.

Anyway, I offer to write the customer's 'beau's' name on the envelope, which a lot of people like me to do, however this year - I've had numerous requests for me to write the whole card and sign it anonymously and then post it directly to the recipient!! This makes me feel like a real life cupid, but I did also think that with no name to the cards, but my sticker on the back - there may be a few men {and women} out there thinking the cards are from me?! Either way, it's nice to think that I'm helping to add that little bit of mystery and fun to the big day of love!

If you'd like a little card for your Valentine  - today is the last day to order!

Happy Monday!

{giveaway time!} love is in the air...

Hello all!

Is anyone else starting to feel a little warm and fuzzy with all of this love in the air? Well I certainly am.

So, in the name of sharing a little love - I've decided to throw a lovely giveaway. You could win one of three sweet hand illustrated cards by yours truly....and it's really simple to enter!

Three lucky peeps will each win a hand illustrated Valentines card - hooray!
If you'd like to just buy one of these cards for your beau right away...just pop over to my Etsy shop here to get your hands on one of these hand illustrated beauties!

{new year. new pals} Blogger meets!

Hello all,

Exciting news today! Well, just before Christmas myself and some other lovely Twitter illustration-blogger type pals {namely the lovely Stacie, Harriet, Laura & Claire!} were chatting about how nice it would be to meet some of you amazing crafty people that seem to be out there all over the place...hi!

Well - 2013 shall be the year to meet new pals, eat cake, drink tea and share tips and ideas. I have a real fondness for many of you regular readers, tweeters and fellow bloggers and I'd love to be able to meet you all in real life! So if you'd also like to meet some very lovely and like minded individuals then take note:

We are hosting two blogger meets....

So, if you are free on either of those dates and fancy meeting some new people leave a comment with your email address below, or tweet me @ohnorachio and I'll keep you posted on the details!!

I look forward to meeting you all,
share these dates with your friends and fellow bloggers, the more the merrier!