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Hello all,

Happy Monday to you my little crumpets. This weekend was super duper busy, like non stop. Don't get me wrong, it was really lovely - but I'm pretty shattered, and I have a whole week of work ahead of me, following on from yesterdays mammoth 11hr shift {not to mention lots of little orders to also complete and send}!

Anyway, this weekend taught me this lesson in more ways than I thought I'd knock up a pretty little graphic, to remind myself, and you guys to 'trust your gut' - almost every time you get that gut instinct, or initial 'hunch' it turns out to be bang on. So don't 'umm & aaaah' or second guess yourself, go with what you think is right, I can almost guarantee you'll thank yourself later.

I hope you all had lovely weekends, and for those of you lucky enough to be free as a bird yesterday, please tell me you made the most of the sun!!


Need some Christmas inspiration?

Hello all!

Christmas is a mere 33 days away...goodness me it's come around quick eh? I'm itching to put my decoartions up...I think maybe it's because I work in retail and everything around me is Christma-fied {not a word?} so I feel like my home is not looking festive enough. I'm holding on in there though, I've snuck a few little decorations onto the massive branch over my desk...but the tree - I'm holding out on that one as long as I can!

Anyway, today I thought I'd do a little shameless self promotion - just with the idea to give you some inspiration in the way of gifts for those you love {or yourself, I won't tell}, as well as spur you on with some past DIY ideas to get you in the handmade Christmas spirit {Kirstie Allsopp would be so proud}!
'Ready to wrap'...all items avaiable here!
You can see all of my {DIY}s here :)

Don't miss the last posting dates though for your gifts...find out what they are {and get yourself a snazzy calendar} here!


{carpe diem} this one's on me...

Hello all - happy friday!


I'm back in the UK {yay} and I


 I might have beaten jet lag {win!}. I've have literally had the most amazing month and it got me thinking deeply {eek!}. So I thought I'd share a little one with you today in the spirit of going out there and doing a little bit of the things you love everyday. 

'Carpe Diem' is an ace phrase to live by -  

seize the day  -

everyday! So I made this little graphic. What better way to remind yourself to do that than if it's staring you in the face {in a very pretty way!} every time you look at your computer!


To download this little screensaver click the image above and simply save to your computer!

I really hope you like it!

Have a super wonderful weekend...


{colour ways} Magical Morocco

Inspired by all of the wonderful colours of Marrakech's Souk (market), today's colour ways takes on a very Moroccan Twist. Here is my little short list of what to take//wear//buy in Morocco.
{clockwise from left}
//. Moroccan Oil :
Perfect for taming those over sun exposed and pool crispified ends!

//. Kaftan Dress :
Gorgeous lightweight floaty dress from ASOS, great for the insanely hot weather and pretty modest too {we wore maxi dresses into the city out of respect, but this does cover the shoulders and come the the knee}.

//. Carpe Diem Journal :
I love this 'Seize the Day' Journal. It's made for reflecting and planning your big ideas whilst lounging by the pool.

//. Tagine :
You need to tuck into a traditional meat//fish//veggie tagine if you visit Morocco, slow cooked, heavily spiced and full of fruit - they are super delish!

//. Leather Pouf :
These come in all different colours of died leather. They're hand made and just gorgeous. I didn't get one this time but next time I most definitely will!

//. Spice Cones {via here} :
These are gorgeous bursts of colour all over the Souk - the smell is amazing and the sellers are such characters!

//. YSL Ring :
I've lusted after this ring for what feels like forever! Gold, Silver and Turquoise are everywhere you look in the markets. I didn't see any Yves Saint Laurent rings, but I did have to rein in my desire to buy handfuls of the gorgeous hand made jewellery like a magpie!

Tomorrow I'll be posting a little more about my short break in Africa - it's crazy to think you can now just pop over to Africa for a few days for very few pennies!


{hello} I'm back!

So I'm back in the swing...or getting there! Apologies for the silence over the last week and a half - I have in fact, got a good excuse for my lack of speech over here on the little old website!

I have had a wonderful, eventful short break with my dear friend Bing, in Marrakech - yes sir-ee, I can highly recommend it to any and all who might consider visiting the very vibrant Moroccan capital!

Alas though, I will have to ask you to wait a little longer before I share my experience, not too long, I'm hoping to get a wee post on the go for hold tight for that!

In the mean time, this week I'll be posting a few lovely updates from the shop and another cheeky little DIY post for you guys to get stuck into..

In the mean's a sneaky peak of what I've had to drag myself away from to come back to rainy Southampton!

{colour ways} a pop of pink!

Look at all this pinky goodness? I've never really seen myself as a girly girl but consider me a changed woman! I am loving the pinks right now - I actually blame my friend Bing, she's pink queen and set me off with these coral nails!

{clockwise from left} //. Waterfall Skirt: Republic //. Powder Pink Nail Varnish: Topshop //. Adrenaline Nail Varnish: Topshop //. Rose Chocolate: Rococo //. Little Cloud Cushion: ohnorachio {me!} //. Neon Heart Card: Banquet //. Berry Lime Coconut Lolly: Desserts for Breakfast //. Peony Blusher: MAC //. Raspberry Wellies: Hunters //. Pink Wayfarers: Ray-Ban

Enjoy revelling in the warm pink glow!

{colour ways} Loving the Lavender!

This week I have a total crush on all things lavender! Inspired by my lovely little french lavender plant that has sadly finished flowering in homage to it, here are some pretty lavender themed goodies I'd love to own..the shoes especially are now on sale....I'm far too tempted!

Plus doesn't that blueberry ice-cream look just om nom nom?

{clockwise from left} //. Lavender Skinnies: Topshop //. Lilac Jeans: Republic //. Acid Wash Skinnies: Net-a-Porter //. 'Playdate' Nails: Essie //. 'Do You Lilac It?' Nails: OPI //. Lace Bra: Topshop //. Amethyst Slice Neckace: Natural Enemy //. Triangle Print Sketchbook: HappyDappyBits //. Soap: Method //. Lilac Wedges: ALDO //. Blueberry Ice cream: Pinterest //. Purple Headphones: UrbanEars


{colour ways} Feeling Minty.

As you can possibly tell from this website and the shop I am partial to a little bit of mint...I thought I'd share some of the deliciously minty things I've been recently lusting over!

{clockwise from left} //. Green spotted blouse: Republic //. Marvis Toothpaste: Amazon //. Mint Jeans: Topshop //. Nail Varnish: Topshop //. MT Washi Tape: Etsy //. Shower Gel: Boots //. UrbanEars Headphones: Available at UrbanOutfitters