{happy friday} little clouds in sunny oz...

G'Day all and Happy Friday!

Very exciting news from the shop...I have just sent off my very first order to Australia! (a few weeks ago actually but I didn't want to spoil the surprise!). The order was for one of each of my smily little cloud cushions. In the spirit of the upcoming Jubilympic celebrations over here I thought I'd include a little British Jubilee themed treat along with the cushions...so here's a couple of little snapshots of what I did!

Here are Sally's two little clouds, happy as Larry.

I put in some Haribo Starmix because who doesn't love a cheeky fried egg? In the back there you can see the little Jubilee treat of Limited Edition red, white and blue M&Ms :). 

You can't really tell from this picture but I hung the tags with NEON pink thread.

So that was it, my first order to sunny, sunny Perth - Australia. I always like it when you order something and you find a little something extra or a cute surprise with your order or the seller has gone to extra effort with the packaging, so I like to do that when I can for my customers too :)

I also decorated the outside of the box with my leafy motif and added a bit of sparkle as you can see below!

I hope Sally receives her parcel safe and sound and that she likes the secret little treats!
Have a great weekend :)


{colour ways} Feeling Minty.

As you can possibly tell from this website and the shop I am partial to a little bit of mint...I thought I'd share some of the deliciously minty things I've been recently lusting over!

{clockwise from left} //. Green spotted blouse: Republic //. Marvis Toothpaste: Amazon //. Mint Jeans: Topshop //. Nail Varnish: Topshop //. MT Washi Tape: Etsy //. Shower Gel: Boots //. UrbanEars Headphones: Available at UrbanOutfitters


{DIY} make this...from that.

I always love a good trip to Ikea and since one opened literally 20 minutes walk from my door - I've found myself sneaking in more often than is safe for my poor wallet. 

Nevertheless, I have found some cracking bargains AND had a go at a few of my own 'Ikea Hacks'. I thought I'd try to share these mini projects so that you guys can maybe try it out yourselves!

To kick things all off, today is the turn of the humble wooden spoon...

I got this bundle of cute wooden utensils from Ikea for a bargainous 59p! I definitely bought more than one bundle...

So many cool examples of painted utensils crop up all over the place on Pinterest, I thought it was about time I did my own version. Its very easy to do and the colour combinations are endless! Since I took this photo I've done another two sets of utensils...its rather addictive!

Here's a little photo showing how I got a neat even line, its nice and simple! (Sorry for the messy table!).

I found Washi tape to be the best as it has just the right level of adhesive. I used acrylic paints which I mixed with a little magic ingredient - Mod Podge. It preserves the paint and makes sure it adheres properly to the wood. I always see Mod Podge mentioned on ace American blogs and I finally found some in HobbyCraft. Its pretty much the same as PVA I think so if you don't have it you can just as well use a bit of PVA mixed into the paint!

Hope this might inspire you to have a go yourself - they really look cool!


Lovely New Shop Appearance!

Hello all...

I've spent the last couple of days teaching myself (with the help of my lovely boyfriend) Adobe Illustrator. It's been frustrating at times but also mega fun and I kind of wonder why I've never thrown myself into it before?

My first task was to create completely new business cards - photos to follow (SO excited for them to be delivered!).

My second task was a new professional, consistent with my brand banner for the little Etsy shop and here it is...!

I'd love to hear people's thoughts :)