{hello} kitty...

Hello all!

Hopefully not too many of you are suffering from the Monday blues, well perhaps you are following the pitiful weather we've continued to have this weekend eh?

Anyway, I have just the remedy - something sweet to cheer you all up.

I started drawing this little kitty on Saturday night...yes, I didn't watch the rugby, in fact I didn't watch anything as our TV isn't working...waaah. I found this adorable image whilst browsing Pinterest and couldn't resist drawing him!

I hope you like him - I think it's actually the first cat I've ever drawn, is that weird? I'm usually a dog lady but with so many bezzies of mine {& Jack} being cat lovers I think I'm being converted!

More tomorrow :)


a weekend in pictures.

Hello all,

This weekend I was lucky enough to be off work - it was a super ace little surprise actually as I hadn't booked it off or anything! Well, I had a huge amount of things to do, including cleaning the apartment - which looked like an unaccomplishable task - but I did it!

I thought I'd share with you some little snippets of my Saturday & Sunday :)

I had fun with toy dinosaurs; got hand cramp illustrating a large custom order; added some more detail to my bird illustration; bought some sweet little heart stickers for my packaging; played with my new retina display MacBook baby; got the little potato tubers out to start growing and added some washi details to some orders I had to post!

On Sunday I journeyed up to London to meet my lovely pal Bing and her awesome friend from Chicago Marie! Here are a few Sunday snaps, needless to say they are pretty much all food!

Fortnum & Mason, the most beautiful department store had so many gorgeous cakes and pastries! Plus the whole store's colour scheme is the same mint green you can see in my logo and up there on my nails {fave}, so I was most pleased!
I hope you all hid similarly lovely weekends!