{HAPPY NATIONAL STATIONERY WEEK} & love is in the air...

Hello lovelies,

Happy midweek of NATIONAL STATIONERY WEEK! So it seems that the British springtime may finally be with us - which is ace for all involved - this week signals a very exciting one for geeky pen lovers like me, it's the one week of the year where we can shout about our obsessions over pretty notebooks, rulers, my fave - washi tape, and of course the all essential pens and pencils {swoon} and not feel a little lame.

Well it dawned on me the other day that the vast majority of the enquiries and orders coming through my humble little Etsy shop of late are wedding based. It's really lovely to be part of people's special day and to help them bring that personal handmade touch!

So, as love seems to well and truly be in the air, for both one and other and of course, a good bit of hand illustrated stationery - I thought a round up of my top wedding based orders was on the cards! Here are the top three items that lovely love birds seem to be ordering for their big days, and their guests.
I hope you like this little selection AND if you happen to be getting married - or would like to make a purchase as a gift for someone else who is...you can find all of my items here
I can customise each one to your specifications and personalise them too with dates & initials or whatever else might take your fancy!


If you have no intentions of getting married just yet but like me, have a deep seated love of stationery then you of course may also purchase yourself a cheeky item or two from my little shop, go on - treat yourself!


{monday monday} a sneaky peaky...

Hello all,

Hope everyone's weekend was lovely - the weather certainly helped with that I'm sure - let's hope this continues now until October eh?

Just a little post today to keep you all updating on what's going down in the shop and what's coming up in the coming weeks...

It would seem that I am by no means alone out in this big old World in my love for stationery. My 'Big Book of Ideas' has been selling very well and I've had a lot of interest lately in all of my notebooks, so I've decided to concentrate on filling the shop with a few more very pretty, hand illustrated notebooks. Summer is the time to plan, travel and get things done and what better way to keep your thoughts coherent than in a lovely little (or big) book!

Here is the first addition, some of you may have already seen it but for those that haven't...ta da!

I absolutely love this little beauty as it appeals to my love of Kraft paper (its front cover) but has a myriad of rainbow coloured pages within that you can doodle on, write lists on, or just flick through and admire - whatever takes your fancy!

Here, is my hoard of different supplies I came back with on a recent trip into London, my fave is by far the enormous rainbow journal - it's square {swoon} and has even more different rainbow colours than the mini one {yay}.

So, keep an eye out on Twitter {@ohnorachio} and Facebook {I have a page you can 'Like'} for more details on things to come...

oh and one more thing...I have a competition coming up...more news on this later! {eek!}