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Hello all!

I hope you've all suitably recovered from the last few days' festivities and had a chance to adjust to the fact that, yes, it is actually 2013 and very much time to get back to work!


I have some sweet little posts lined up over the next few days, a guest post for a fellow {lovely} blogger to share


it's only 6 more days until I get to spill my exciting news. phew.

Anyway - on with the purpose of today's post, resolutions. This year I'm not going to make a list as long as my arm of ridiculously over optimistic goals. I'm not going to promise myself that I'll join the gym and consistently go every other day for the next 12 months, neither am I going to fix all of my flaws and emerge the perfect person. I'm just going to keep focussing on all of the positives {why waste precious energy dwelling on the negatives?} and stick to three simple things. Things that are achievable, and that I can spend 12 months working towards and remembering.

.\\ About my New Years resolutions //.

I can be a bit of a grudge holder if I'm honest, so this year I'm going to man up and just

let it go,

concentrate on being a bit more 'zen'.  Similarly I tend to spend endless amounts of time planning - I think I need to concentrate more on 'doing'. Lastly, blogging has been a really good way for me to force myself to keep the creative juices flowing - and in doing so I've been a lot happier in myself. So, this year I'm going to continue to blog and share lots of creative little projects, but I'm also going to make a conscious effort to learn something new everyday, and not let everything just pass me by!

I'd love to know what your resolutions are...

Download your own blank copy of my little resolutions list


and then you can print and pin it somewhere where you'll see it daily and be reminded!