What a weekend!

So, I had a rather lovely weekend in Bristol with my beautiful friend Sara. We made origami hearts, ate lovely food and went for a really long dog walk in the gorgeous countryside!

I got home to chilly Southampton to find no less than 12 orders from my little Etsy shop!
My little 'Hello Handsome' card got featured on the Etsy UK front page which was a big surprise and so I guess lots of people found my humble little shop! It would seem my 'NOM NOM NOM' plate is rather popular.

It just makes me all tingly inside to know that people other than me actually rather like what I create!
All day today I've been painting plates and making cards - which prompted an emergency trip to IKEA to get supplies....where I found inspiration in lots of their white ceramics! I've posted a cheeky snap of some of my hoard below!

Thank you to those of you lovely people who purchased from my shop, all of the pennies have gone towards supplies for my new range (I'm rather excited!).