{happy friday!} thought for the weekend...

{image} besotted brand - a pretty ace blog actually!

I saw this lovely quote and I just thought you know what, that's a really beautiful and profound statement. Today, instead of a blog post on a particular topic I'm just going to share this. It's nice to just think about it for a while, such a simple and actually, obvious statement but one I think everyone should try to live by. Steve Jobs is a MASSIVE inspiration to me, as I'm sure he is to millions the world over. He was awe inspiring. I'm just starting to read his biography actually - I highly recommend it. It genuinely makes you think, as he wanted, different.

Anyway, I didn't want to cloud the above statement with a tonne of my own ramblings so I'll leave it at that. Have a fantastic weekend all - let's hope this sun sticks around!