Hello Poorly Knees!

So...apologies for being absent from the wee website of late. Turns out those naughty dislocatey knees I've had since I was 11 really were a bit of a problem! I've just had a double knee op - which actually wasn't all that bad in itself, despite me being TERRIFIED of needles and dreading the insertion of a cannula into my arm! Anyway - I survived it, but now I'm pretty hobbly and getting used to not being able to bend. I feel like an old lady and I'm using crutches - it sure does get a lot of sympathetic smiles from strangers though!

Essentially what this op means - from a positive outlook is that I have 6 weeks of recovery to do all manner of (albeit rather gentle) projects!

To kick things off my rather lovely boy has helped me completely redesign and simplify my website (ta da!)- I'd love to know your thoughts. For the coming weeks though...

Here are my plans so far:

//. Try to blog daily - and get some themes going.
//. Read a book a week - any suggestions for must reads?
//. Develop some new packaging for ONR products
//. Design and order a new custom stamp
//. List the new summer range over on Etsy
//. Teach myself more Photoshop/Illustrator skills
//. Have some of my illustrations framed and get them wall mounted finally!

I'm sure the list will grow, 6 weeks is a long time. No doubt I'll have a lot of time to self reflect too, I'm pretty lucky to have this amount of time to work on becoming all zen.

Anyway..to kick things off again, here are some photos from the last week or so of me being a bit doddery! 

I got myself a new buddy to keep me company :)
Any name suggestions? (she's a girl).