{nom}...Five a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

This is what I've been snacking on for the last week...isn't it all pretty? There's nothing better than healthy, wholesome, homemade food to mend a poorly body right?

I've always been a massive lover of good food and I'm lucky enough to have a gorgeous boy who shares my passion for all things tasty. Since I've been at home fixing my knees I've had lots of time to enjoy eating my five a day! My current faves are a good Braeburn apple (they are so ace right now) and passion fruit (always a winner in my books!). 

All of that fruit has had a real positive effect, I'm sure it's helping my knees get better but I've got a tonne of energy (even though I've got to have my legs up almost all day), I'm getting loads done. I've taught myself a bit of adobe illustrator as you can see above - I'm pretty pleased with the outcome if I do say so myself! Also, I think when you're filling your body with nutritious, colourful, fresh things it's really good for you mind too - and I need all the positive vibes I can get!

So the morale of todays story is...try try try to get your five a day because I promise you you'll feel great and you're body will totally thank you for it!