daddy daddy cool!

Here we are, on this lovely sunny Father's Day and the awful daughter that I am, I'm not with my

I thought, what better way to show Dad I am thinking of him despite us not being together today than compose a little post dedicated to the man himself. No post would be complete without a cheeky little photo - so here is my favourite snap of my parents back when I was a mere twinkle in their eyes!

there's more...

This is such a good representation of Dad, always the joker - poor mum smiling nicely for the camera beside him, probably blissfully unaware of the outcome of this photo until the film got developed - ah the good old days before digital cameras eh?

For the last 24 years, Dad has been the most supportive, encouraging, loving, embarrassing father anyone could wish for! It was he who encouraged me to continue pursuing my artistic endeavours (through many shed tears) all the way to A-Level despite my tutor telling me I wasn't good enough and perhaps I should choose a different subject! (ha, A at A-Level, proved her wrong!) Here I am today with my own shop selling my illustrations and designs, so thanks Dad, you're the best. I feel so lucky to have someone that's always got my back, despite all of the silly mistakes I've made along the way!

I love you very much!
Happy Fathers Day.