Nearly 'Goodbye' Poorly Knees...

It's been 18 days since my naughty knee op, that's just over two weeks and I must say, I'm feeling great!

My consultant surgeon told me I'd be off work for 6 weeks and for the first 3 to 4 I wouldn't like him very much {because of the pain}. 
Actually, I've been super lucky and I've had virtually no pain at all - I've had fun doing some rather ridiculous looking physio exercises - especially the ones I was given this week of putting a resistance elastic thing around my angles and waddling around keeping the bands stretched - I feel like I'm getting buns and quads of steel!

I'm going back to work pretty soon, after 4 weeks not 6 which I'm mega looking forward to - I've missed everyone a tonne and although the weather has been unbelievably ace I promise you, bumming around {aka recovering} is mind-numbingly boring!

I have however had the time to blog more, cook lots of yummy things and plan some new exciting additions to my shop so I can't complain!