{DIY} you can totally make these!

This is THE easiest project to do, it's 5 steps, takes 5 minutes and can be done with almost any spare pendants, charms or beads you might have...to see how you make them, read on!

A couple of days ago I proper lucked out on a trip into Accessorize! Not only was there a sale on, but they had bagged up and individually priced their entire collection of 'odds and ends' essentially all of the jewellery missing it's packaging, chains, earring backs and various other minor 'faults'. I honestly felt like I'd struck gold, the woman was putting it all out as I came in and showed me all of the items that actually had nothing wrong with them and were just ex-window display - I literally bought handfuls of little pendants and some gorgeous earrings and two amazing enormous embellished necklaces. It all came to £6 despite the original tags on the items totally nearly £130, crazy eh?

My fave little finds were these tiny turquoise stone skulls - 50p with no chain. So I decided to out them on adjustable leather cord and make a pair of cute adjustable bracelets. 

You will need:
//. String or thread or leather cord
//. Charm or trinket

1. You will need enough thread to be able to wrap around your wrist once plus about half a wrap around again - it's best to have a little too much than too little!

2. Thread your charm onto the string.

3. Make a loop, like a bracelet making sure you have two layers essentially of cord and tie a knot with one layer around the other, as above and below!
{sorry for the gross nails!}

4. Tie the knot nice and tight and don't worry too much about having a long bit of thread at the end.

5. Repeat this process on the other side of the bracelet, tying one cord tightly around the other as above.
Then trim the ends of the cord fairly short if need be.

Voila, that's it - you now have an adjustable rather cute little bracelet!