{hello} I'm back!

So I'm back in the swing...or getting there! Apologies for the silence over the last week and a half - I have in fact, got a good excuse for my lack of speech over here on the little old website!

I have had a wonderful, eventful short break with my dear friend Bing, in Marrakech - yes sir-ee, I can highly recommend it to any and all who might consider visiting the very vibrant Moroccan capital!

Alas though, I will have to ask you to wait a little longer before I share my experience, not too long, I'm hoping to get a wee post on the go for Friday..so hold tight for that!

In the mean time, this week I'll be posting a few lovely updates from the shop and another cheeky little DIY post for you guys to get stuck into..

In the mean time..here's a sneaky peak of what I've had to drag myself away from to come back to rainy Southampton!