{hello} Twix!

Hello all!

*drum roll please....* This, is my new baby - the very gorgeous and super friendly little madam - Twix.
Unfortunately there was an untimely death over here, poor Burger died suddenly last week - she was totally fine in the morning, running around and coming out to play and eat treats - but she went to sleep in the day and never woke up :(

I'm pretty sure she had a birth defect - Pets at Home on further investigation (I should have guessed) breed their hamsters like battery hens, all stores nationwide are essentially, it would appear supplied by one centre. So their little bubbies commonly have problems :(

This time, I bought little Twixy from a lovely lady in Portsmouth, it was her very first litter and Twix was the last one left. She's sable - chocolate colour, with caramel rings around here eyes - hence Twix, and only 6 weeks old. She's a beaut.

I thought I'd formerly introduce her as tomorrow I will be showcasing a new product, which I custom made for the little crumpet! Prepare yourself for a cute overload - I got some cracking snaps!