{travel time!} vancouver bound...

Back in September 2009 I was lucky enough to spend nearly a whole month with some truly amazing friends over in Vancouver, Canada. Laura and Tamanna showed me such an amazing time whilst I was there - from classes at UBC University to super cool shopping trips, meals in fantastic restaurants, trips to all manner of ace museums and lots of home cooked meals - especially waffles for breakfast as a treat! Their families welcomed me with open arms and I met all of their equally ace friends too!

The shot above I took on the beautiful UBC campus...it's literally stunning - much more so than the comparably concrete filled campus here in Southampton!

Anyway, the reason for the Vancouver talk is, and I'm super excited to even think about it...I shall be returning to the amazing place in September for 10 days - YAY! I intend to post lots of exciting adventures whilst I'm there to keep you all in the loop.

Whilst I was in Canada I was having such an ace time I took very few good photos, but here are some little highlights from my 2009 trip!
As I prep for my trip - does anyone know of any must sees/dos over in Vancouver - I'd love some recommendations!