{DIY}....oops - so things don't always go to plan!

Hello all,

So today is an interesting one...I got all excited about doing a cute little DIY for Jack, as a little present before I left for America. He's always wanting something to go on his key so I thought I'd make him an "Adventure Time" keyring, of Finn {it's a animated series he loves!}.

I had it all planned out and ready, I'd started it and got up super early to finish it this morning - then I ruined it. It was such a fail, but I thought, you know what I'll share it anyway, as we all make mistakes and it gives you an idea of how to make a little cheeky keyring and how definitely not to make one!

To make a cute little solid plastic keyring properly here's what you will need:

//. shrinky dink plastic sheet
//. scissors / craft knife
//. pen / pencil
//. coloured pencils or acrylic paints 
//. oven! {preheat to 150C}
//. varnish / mod podge 
Just four easy little steps:

1//. Draw your design nice and big onto your shrinky dink plastic - it shrinks A LOT so make it bigger than you might think.

2//. Paint your design {now this is where I failed miserably!} using acrylic paints not watercolours like for some unknown reason I chose to do!

3//. Cut it out - making sure you cut out a big loop at the top - to attach the keyring to!

4//. Pop it in the oven on a piece of baking paper on a tray for about 30 seconds {until it curls up and then uncurls and lays flat}. 

Remove from oven, pop on your keyring and you are DONE...easy peasy!
Here is little Finn {take one - I shall be re-making him tonight!}