{hello} Dallas!

Hello all,

A little life update today for y'all {see what I did there? getting into the spirit of things already!}.
In a mere EIGHT days time I shall be jetting off to Dallas for just under 3 weeks for ongoing training as part of my wonderful job!

I'm a very lucky girl indeed. Whilst I'm there I totally want to explore the city and enjoy all of the delights that the mighty Dallas has to offer...so on that note, *hello* to all of you lovely American readers {and those of you who've visited Dallas too!}. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE for you to recommend me some places to shop/eat/visit.

Also if you know anyone in Dallas I'd be eternally grateful if you might copy them the link to this post in the hope that maybe they might shed some light, and perhaps I can get a little list together of must see's and do's!

Dallas will be the first part of my trip, the second part being Seattle and Vancouver which I posted about earlier this month - I promise to try my very hardest to keep up with my blog posting and hopefully share lots of lovely pictures too! plus I'm hoping to gather lots of wonderful inspiration for next blog posts and {DIYS} whilst I'm out there too...yay!

Please do share your recommendations - and any Dallas {OR Seattle} bloggers out there please do give me a shout - I'd love an international little blogger meet!

Hope you're all having a great week!