{hello} this means a lot to me...

Hello all, meet Besty...

You all know I love everything handmade or one off - I spend my days creating all manner of hand crafted goods, it's my favourite thing to do in the world!

Well, in the spirit of all things special, things that a lot of love and care has gone into making and things that are to be treasured and cherished I wanted to introduce this shabby little lion cub of mine properly...

He has a great story actually, and it's that, as well as his dashing good looks that make him one of my most loved possessions..

In 2010 Jack and I went to Bestival, together with a host of other lovely people - we had an ace time, and in fact, it was at Bestival that Jack and I decided we did actually rather liked each other. So much so, that we pretty much moved in together straight after, match made in heaven and all that, but alas, I digress. Essentially the festival was wonderful - getting home was not! We broke down, had to get some random boys to help us push the car to get it started again, had multi emotional melt downs and many tears were shed. When we eventually got to Cowes to get the ferry back from the Isle of Wight to Southampton, we were told that there was a 3 hour wait. We pleaded with the ferry man to let us on any early ferry due to our mechanical misfortune - and actually the guy was pretty sweet and skipped us way ahead so we'd only have to wait an hour {thank you anonymous ferry man!} and we decided to try and restore our zen by having a little wander around the town.

It was in a teeeeeny little antique shop that Jack and I saw 'Besty' just perched amongst the many treasures looking all serene. I had to have him. He's scruffy and seems to be filled with straw?! He's also rather lop sided and his hind legs are so tiny they certainly would offer the poor creature no benefit - but he's a little beaut. I always wonder who owned him before me, and how old the little chap actually is, he's a one off and I love him.

He now sits proudly on our bed and wears one of our Bestival wrist bands as a collar and every time I see him I'm reminded of that ace roller coaster of a weekend, and how lucky I am to have such a lovely Jack by my side.

So yes, a rather wordy one today, apologies - I hope you found his story somewhat interesting.

I'd LOVE to know what one item you treasury more than any other - I love a good bit of sentimentality!