{IT'S COMPETITION TIME!} and the winner is...

Hello all!
Today is a rather exciting day, I had a rather amazing time at Wilderness Festival with Jack at the weekend, and now it is time for me to announce the winner of my very first blog competition...hoorah!

I would like to congratulate the lovely Louise Wright {follow her on Twitter @louillustrator - she's a very talented lady!} - Twix clearly found her piece of paper very appealing - as you can see below. 
Twix did a marvellous {and very thorough} job of choosing the winner. She spent a good minute rooting around in the bowl of names before emerging with one piece of paper in her mouth...they say never work with children or animals - but she was a gem to work with {I had visions of her a: not picking any out and being totally disinterested or b: picking/kicking out many names from the bowl}.

Apologies for the somewhat blurry photos I was desperately trying to catch the events unfold, and grab the piece of paper before she stuffed it into her cheek pouch!

Thank you a thousand times to those who entered {over 100 of you lovely people!!}, if you didn't win, do not despair - I shall be holding another exciting giveaway very soon so please do keep your eyes peeled for the next one!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, I'll be sharing some festival photos later this week!