{love} typography

Hello all,

Those who know me know I'm a BIG lover of typography, honestly I love it so much - I especially love good handwritten typography. You might have guessed that from this little post I did..but incase you didn't I thought I'd share a little of my inner geek with you all.

Loads of things inspire me, food packaging, signage, people's absent minded scribbles, the internets....definitely the internets - but one thing I love is books, books on typography and print and illustration.

So, I thought in the spirit of spreading the typographic love and maybe inspiring a few of you to jump on this addictive band wagon, that I'd share some of my faves...

These four bad boys are my current favourite sources of inspiration for those days when I feel like my mind is a barren wasteland.

All of them are current editions and available on Amazon, I'll post links below - they really are fantastic!

{books}: top picture, left to right

Give them a try {my absolute fave is Handmade Type - if you were going to get one, get that one!}


p.s. Twix looks like she likes them too!