{carpe diem} this one's on me...

Hello all - happy friday!


I'm back in the UK {yay} and I


 I might have beaten jet lag {win!}. I've have literally had the most amazing month and it got me thinking deeply {eek!}. So I thought I'd share a little one with you today in the spirit of going out there and doing a little bit of the things you love everyday. 

'Carpe Diem' is an ace phrase to live by -  

seize the day  -

everyday! So I made this little graphic. What better way to remind yourself to do that than if it's staring you in the face {in a very pretty way!} every time you look at your computer!


To download this little screensaver click the image above and simply save to your computer!

I really hope you like it!

Have a super wonderful weekend...