{cute overload} meet Edgar...

Hello all,

Let me introduce to you, officially the World's best dog...this is Edgar {cool name eh?} and he's the absolute man! Manny and I had the pleasure of spending a whole day with this little guy yesterday {thanks Ben!} and let me tell you - he's super cool!

I thought I'd share some of the many {too many?} photos I snapped of him yesterday with you all!
Clearly enjoying the car ride on my lap...
We took the little dude to Ambleside Park {it's really more of a beach!?} and he totes loved it...you'd think being a Pom that he'd want to be carried rather than walked - nope, he was just happy to trot along next to us for a nice long walk. Honestly, I'm defo going to try to convince Jack {hey Jack!} to let us have one!

Actually though, even if you don't have a dog, but happen to be in Vancouver - I would definitely recommend taking a cheeky trip over the Ambleside Park, it was really beautiful and the sunset was amazing and there were so many cute dogs {I totally got dog envy!}.

So yes, that was my day - I've got a new found love of Pomeranians, so if anyone fancies sharing some heart meltingly cute pictures with me, please feel free to go right ahead!