{hello} Dallas!

Hey y'all!

Just a quick post today to share some pics from my trip to Dallas - I want to get on with posting some Vancouver antics as I've been free to do lots of ace things here in Vancouver {this trip is a holiday, not for work - yay!}.

So, Dallas was ace, I had a pimpin' room which I shared with the rather awesome Steph...it was so hip it had a TV inside the bathroom mirror - sweet eh? I did enjoy catching up on a bit of Fresh Prince whilst having a shower!
As y'all know though, I was in Dallas with work so I can't say I did a huge amount of sight seeing. Plus it was so hot and we were inside for such long periods of time I pretty much rushed to the pool each evening to catch the last fading rays of sun to banish my casper white complexion! Also the view from the rooftop pool was unbelievable...check it out!
I pretty much spent all of my spare time at the pool - come on, who wouldn't, it was gorgeous and super hot. Other than that I shopped, a lot!

All in all I did have a really great time in Dallas, what totally, hands down made the experience was the people I went with and those I met. I've never spent time with a more amazing, diverse, interesting group of people. I'd have loved to have spent some more time there actually seeing what Dallas has to offer but I can't complain, Vancouver is amazing! 


p.s, now that I'm not in Dallas I might have to stop saying y'all - I'm sure most of you are pretty pleased about that eh?