{be brave}

Hello all,

I was lucky enough to have two days off from work together last week {I don't have weekends off} so I thought I'd finish a project I intended to complete literally months and months ago! I bought the most gorgeous fine porcelain two-tiered cake stand with the idea that I'd decorate it in some way or another...and then I did that annoying thing that I do with all new notebooks and sketchbooks that I buy...decided that I don't want to write in it just yet as I might be having an artistic 'off-day' and ruin it. 

I therefore shelved it, with all my lovely paper goods...until now! I plucked up the courage to just go for it and embrace my love of dots {I'd originally intended to do one of my leafy patterns on it} and I'm actually rather pleased with the results! Have a look for yourself at the finished cake stand...
I do hope this might might inspire you to be brave and finish all of those projects you put aside for fear of making a mistake - I'm going to be working my way through mine in the coming weeks, maybe I'll share some more with you all!