{eat} pumpkin soup...

Hello all,

It's Halloween - hooray! Now, I had intended to post a picture of my expertly carved pumpkin on this day...however, I came home from work yesterday to find J had used the entire pumpkin to make a soup. Now I must say, initially I was a little disappointed, I had great plans for that little guy, but oh my the soup was literally AMAZING. 

I have never, ever had nicer soup in all my life, so, on this spooky occasion I instead bring you a little recipe - perfect for using your little carved pumpkin after he's done his scaring job!

To make this spooky soup - I discovered that J used a recipe by everyones {second} favourite chef - Gordon Ramsay, you can find the recipe here - but if you fancy mixing it up a little like we did, use sage instead of rosemary and instead of a mushroom garnish, we used the pumpkin seeds, toasted!

So please...don't bin your pumpkin after halloween is over {unless he's a slimy rotten mess - then maybe don't eat that!}, make him into something delicious!

Also, apologies for the less than lovely photo - I intended to take another in daylight and style it nicely, but I totally gobbled down my soup for lunch and only remembered after I'd finished it....ooops.