{Revolver} for the love of coffee...

Hello all,

I'm no coffee connoisseur - hey, I actually don't even drink coffee {teachers coffee breath memories make me shudder} but I was recently taken to a super ace coffee house in Gastown, Vancouver by the lovely Ben and forced {well not exactly forced but strongly encouraged} to try a cup of the strong stuff...

Revolver is in the super young trendy district of Vancouver that I fell in love with, Gastown - it's a family run fine coffee house (/laboratory!). The place where all the cool kids hang out to get a real cup of coffee sourced and made with true passion. I was introduced to the lovely George and John - two of the four bros that run the shop. Turns out coffee making is more of a science than an art - they have lots of glass beakers and scales and all sorts!
Well, Ben took me and ordered me a weeny macchiato - because he said, it was nice and milky and not as bitter as a full on espresso - and I must say I really liked it. So much so that as we sat chatting we made our way through 3 each - and then I spent the next few hours with the shakes {like a total rookie}, my body is so not used to caffeine! 

I do however, already love a good cup of green tea, and much to my delight the owners love a good green tea leaf almost as much as they love a good coffee bean - so I also dabbled in a pot of green tea. Needless to say it was also a delight!
Not only do they make an outstanding beverage, the boys at Revolver are wonderfully welcoming and relaxed and they style a mean interior - they have the coolest 'bar' and a map of the world stretching a whole wall - made of nails, with the areas where coffee beans grow highlighted with gold nails {LOVED that!}.

If you're ever in Vancouver - DEFINITELY pop in, say hi, and grab the best coffee you'll ever drink.

p.s. they totally have an awesome little selection of freshly baked cakes and cookies too.

p.p.s. Thank you to the lovely George for supplying these ace images of the place!