{bon voyage} I'm on my way to Paris..

Hello all,

As you read this I'll be well on my merry way to Paris, with my lovely Jack {hoorah}. It's all rather exciting actually as it's our very first holiday together alone - can't quite believe it actually. It's only taken two and a half years! 

Anyway, with any luck Paris won't disappoint {I know it won't} and we'll have an amazing few days enjoying the delights of french culture, shopping, lots and lots of pastries and other foodie delights as well as many an art gallery I hope!

I've been very prepared...unlike me I know, and got some little posts ready to go over the next couple of days so that the blog won't suffer a tumble weed attack like it did whilst I was in Dallas. 

Then when I get back I can share some of the cheeky little photos I'll hopefully be snapping whilst I'm there and you never know...it might just spur you on to visit the city of love?!


Photo source: here 
{I stumbled upon the site randomly and it's wonderful, so definitely have a little look, the photos are to die for!}