{hello} lions of the louvre...

Hello all,

I hope you might be liking the little pictures I've been sharing this week - oh and yesterday's little free download too! Today I thought I'd share the last of my Paris pics {nobody likes an hour long slideshow of someone else's holiday snaps right?}.

We visited the Louvre whilst there and it was rather lovely. I've been before, and wasn't too fussed about seeing the 'Venus de Milo' and the Mona Lisa {which are both swamped with crowds of tourists all frantically snapping pictures - with flashes?! what's that about?}. Jack and I were much happier pottering round admiring the little details of the less tourist mobbed artefacts - like the Greek pottery, Persian figurines and Egyptian art. I did a degree in Archaeology - so to some extent I sometimes feel a little indifferent to halls and halls of artefacts {bad isn't it?}.

So here are some of my snaps from in and around the Louvre...{and half way down some super ace lions, so keep scrolling!}.

This man looked so grumpy!
This little lady reminded me of the mad hatter from Alice in Wonderland - can you see it?
Amazing early writing - Crazy tiny it was!
This cheeky snake was totes taking a bite out of this poor nudey man's bottom!

Had to get a little visit to the Apple Store in and see my buddies! 
Such amazing pattern inspiration to be found in the sculpture galleries...

Anyway...I discovered that the Louvre contains lots and lots of lions, pretty lovely little chaps actually - so I snapped some of them in all their glory! Here they are for your enjoyment...

This little pal was definitely my favourite of all of the lions he just looked so surprised and confused all at once!! Wanted to take him home!

I wouldn't mind a three headed dog if he looked like this...what a cutie eh?

Anyways, hope you liked the last of my pictures!
Definitely visit the Louvre if you can, it's worth a good few hours of your time..

Tomorrow I'll be sharing a lovely little Christmas {DIY}.