{hello} Paris!

Hello all,

I'm back, I hope you liked the little posts I lined up whilst I was away! I thought I'd snap to it and share with you some pictures I took whilst on our little mid week trip to the beautiful city of Paris!

We stayed in a sweet little apartment in the northern part of central Paris, which we found on this ace website called 'air b'n'b'. It was a lot cheaper than staying in a hotel and we really enjoyed it because it was really relaxed and we had the flexibility to come and go as we pleased and have the run of a whole {albeit small} apartment. 

Over the few days we were there we enjoyed lots of sight seeing, lots of lovely food and the odd bit of shopping too! We didn't use the Metro at all and walked nearly 12 miles around Paris on our first day as the weather was so nice! {Quite the contrast to back here in the UK it would seem!}. My fuelband was certainly loving life with all of the walking we did - my legs, not so much!!

So without further ado here are some sly little snaps of our trip...more to come later in the week :)
This was our first glimpse of the Eiffel tower {yay!}.
The leaves on all of the trees were the most beautiful autumn colours!
Someone had added red noses to lots of the statues around the city! So cute...
I love the colours in this shot and it was SUCH a nice day to be exploring!
This font was pretty ace...
Little porcelain Phantom of the Opera birdies in the incredible window displays at posh department store Bon Marche! {Think Selfridges rather than the old lady shop 'bon marche' we have over here!!}
This was the awesome ceilings and rather ostentatious tree at the Galeries Lafayette in Opéra
These were the rather neon Christmas decorations lining the Champs-Élysées!!

Anyways, it was all rather lovely!
You should go!