{nom} Parisian eats...

Hello all,

One of the highlights of Paris was definitely the yummy food! So, I thought I'd share a few of the treats and eats we enjoyed during our time there last week!
This croissant was from the boulangerie (bakery) literally on our doorstep and my god was it good! Each morning we bought fresh croissants and pain au raisin. One morning we bought a couple of baguettes - literally the best bread we'd ever had {also still warm} and then headed over to the fromagerie {cheese shop} on Rue du Rochechouart where we bought some traditional french cheese and quince jelly and enjoyed a lovely brunch! 

I definitely miss the freshly baked bread now that I'm back. It's such a shame that we don't have the same tradition over here...the Tesco Express on my road is a palid comparison!
Goodness me, this Ladurée masterpiece was heavenly - fresh sweet raspberries and rose cream. nom. {also...that cheeky little tarte citron in the background wasn't as spectacular looking but my god did it taste amazing!!}.
So, these photos majorly make it look like I have a massive sweet tooth, but I can assure you usually I'm all about the savoury. Starter over dessert any day! However, the sweet treats in Paris are just so beautiful I tended to snap those rather than the baguettes - less impressive but equally tasty!!

There were also some awesome places we ate at whilst in Paris which I would highly recommend you try if you happen to be visiting...
1//. La Classe - 6 Rue de Mauberge:
Classroom styled restaurant with an outstanding menu and gorgeous dishes of the day which sell out fast, so get there nice and early for din dins!
2//. La Crêperie de Josselin - 67 Rue du Montparnasse:
This modest little creperie was highly recommended online - so we literally traipsed over what felt like the entirety of Paris to find it {it was the day we walked 12 miles}! There's actually another 'Josselin Creperie' on the same road - but don't be confused, it's not as good {apparently}. This place was the bee's knees, honestly, the crepes were to die for!
We had a savoury and then a sweet crepe each, accompanied by cider...a tradition!
Definitely worth the trek with a trusty map, check out the reviews on trip advisor!