{etsy} so this happened...

Hello all,

As I type this it's nearly 1am and I'm rather tired, tired that is, for good reason - because I've been busy packaging orders!

These last few days have been rather manic, with custom requests, inquiries and orders coming out of my ears. It's fantastic {if a little tiring} and all down to the lovely Etsy using one of my items as the image to their Christmas promotional front page banner. Whenever anyone visits etsy.com from anywhere in Europe - my little notebooks appear just as they do above...I'm truly honoured and very flattered that they would choose to use my little illustrations! {yay!}.

So apologies for the lack of posts for yesterday and Monday - I had intended to get them scheduled as I usually do over the weekend, but alas - I've been very much engrossed in illustrating my little socks off!

I've managed to get all order completed, packaged and posted...so I hope to keep up to date with my usual posting for the rest of this week.

Lots of love and festive spirit!

p.s. you can have a little look at those little notebooks and lots more gift ideas here!