{instagram} should we stay or should we go?

Hello all!

Gosh, today is a bit of a different one for me - I don't usually broach topics like this that stir up huge levels of impassioned debate. Similarly I'm pretty bad when it comes to reading the fine print in any situation. Yesterday's news about the changes to my beloved Instagram's 'Terms of Service' made me actually sit up and listen...

I read this article from the BBC - and also followed along in the debate on Twitter. Basically the long and short of it {as far as I understand} is that - in continuing to use Instagram {following Facebook's purchase of the company and new rules - after Jan 16th} you agree for them to use your images for other companies paid advertising {without any mention of, or compensation to you}, as well as pass your information to third party companies. Here are a few snippets of these new terms of service...

 "We may share your information as well as information from tools like cookies, log files, and device identifiers and location data with organisations that help us provide the service to you... (and) third-party advertising partners."

"To help us deliver interesting paid or sponsored content or promotions, you agree that a business may pay us to display your username, likeness, photos, in connection with paid or sponsored content or promotions, without any compensation to you,"

It might not seem a big deal to many...especially those who mainly post pictures of their pets and food...hey, I'm a serial offender! However, to someone like me who also posts lots of images of my original work and updates on my business - this news comes as some concern. 

I don't want to find my images part of an advertising campaign for some random company whom I have no desire to be associated with, and whom I certainly don't want to see using my intellectual property for their ill-gotten gains.

So here I am, in a bit of dilemma - Instagram has been a great way for me to share my ideas, and little fun snippets of life with family, friends, fellow bloggers and the wider community. Its brought views to this humble blog and sales to my Etsy shop. The bottom line is though - I really did enjoy seeing little glimpses into the daily lives of these people, and you know...the filters are really quite nice. The world looks nicer through an Instagrammed lens!

Do I suck it up and continue to use Instagram then, or do I disassociate myself from a brand who, quite frankly appear to be abandoning their morals and allowing themselves to be swallowing into that awful, soul-less beast that is Facebook.

I'd love to hear your thoughts...
{and sorry for the rant!}