Hello all!

Goodness gracious me what an exciting few days I've had! So - the exciting news turned out to be really rather exciting for little old me and I've seen a nice increase orders - which = yippee + eek! Plus along with orders I've had a lot of inquiries from potential stockists, also hoorah! 

Etsy also chose to feature me on the front page as part of their New Years 'Organisation' advertising. You can browse all of their ace suggestions here. This has given me lots of orders from all over the world! Currently I have orders to ship to Brazil; Sweden; New Zealand; Spain; France; America and of course...a few to good old Blighty! :)

So - as I'm quite literally a one woman band over here you are going to have to bear with me for a little bit...at least until the ordering has calmed down!

However if you'd like to see what all of the fuss is about...check out my little shop here!

But - I also happen to have 10 days off work - which is ace - so it's illustration central over here AND I shall have the luxury of completing lots of those {DIY} projects that have been on my list for a reeeeally long time!

Love you all...
& a MASSIVE thank you for all of your continued support!