dear diary...

Hello all,

One of the things I'm doing this year is keeping a diary. Not the kind with that little silver padlock and the generic flimsy silver key {though they were preettttyyy cool back in the day!} and I've ditched the fluffy pen for a slightly cooler black Muji number - but nevertheless I'm embracing the diary as a tool for reflection and ideas. You never know, by getting some of those thoughts out of my head - perhaps it'll make some room for a tonne of fresh new ones?

Anyway - with that in mind I thought I'd illustrate a little handy diary to share with you all so that you can join me in this New Year habit! 

I originally went for the simple 'Dear Diary' with a little heart - but after several nostalgic comments from you lovelies over on Twitter about your childhood diaries I embraced the 90s feel and added two other designs - one with a little 'keep out' style skull and crossbones and one with everybody's favourite a good old padlock and key!

Let me know which one you like best - and if you have any suggestions for different designs, give me a shout!

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