{oxfam} Rumble in the Jumble 2..

Hello all!

Christmas is traditionally the time of giving, but why can't January be too eh? Well it just so happens that on New Years Eve no less, I was contacted by the lovely Katie about donating some pieces of my work to 'The Music Circle's' event 'Rumble in the Jumble'.

Rumble in the Jumble is an awesome jumble sale style event from which all of the proceeds are donated to Oxfam's project to help abused women in the Republic of Congo. A huge list of celebs are involved, donating pieces to the event and such, and the idea is that you pop along with a bag of your own jumble to sell and then head back with, probably more stuff than you came with  - but with that warm fuzzy feeling inside, and a little less shopping guilt than usual!

Anyway, I'm rambling on...essentially, Katie is running a stall full of awesome stationery and encouraging people to keep a diary, or think of some ace new years resolutions and even join the 'to-do' list bandwagon...the perfect little place for some of my notebooks eh? So yesterday I got my pens out and illustrated her up a bunch of books, including the 'Big Book of Ideas'; 'Need to do's and Nice to do's' and several 'Dear Diary's'. I do hope that these go down well and that they manage to generate a good little chunk of money for charity. 

So in the name of being charitable I urge you to do a good deed today, even the smallest act of kindness can have the biggest impact...so don't be a stranger, give someone a smile, pop some loose change in a charity tin - even if its only a few pennies, buy that homeless guy you walk past everyday a little cup of tea....
If you happen to be in or around London on Saturday 26th of January - get yourself down to Bethnal Green, it's set to be a flipping awesome day {last year they raised over £7K!!} more info here.

Remember kids:
more karma. less drama.