there's no business like snow business...

Hello all!

What a snowy weekend we've had here in the much snow the whole country it seemed ground to a halt?! 

So much snow that I trekked to the post office with a bag full of orders only to find it was closed due to 'extreme weather conditions'. I found the happy little chappy above in the park near my house - I wish he could stay there forever. Although he was a little bit 'Jack' from Nightmare before Christmas...

Ok, so we had a dusting of snow - far less than you lovely Canadians experience every year, and certainly nothing like that of good old Finland. It was very pretty though - very pretty to admire from inside a warm flat snuggled in a blanket armed with a cup of tea and a toasted cinnamon bagel!
Like I said, I was brave enough to venture out - choosing what on reflection resembled a grey car costume - and my faithful toasty warm Ugg boots....SUCH A FAIL! Dear god, after the 20 minutes walk through the pretty snow taking lots of gleeful snaps - I discovered that the soles of Uggs are like sponges and my feet were squelching. Not a happy bunny. Below are my pre-squelchy Uggs.
Anyway, I hope everyone managed at least some time playing in the snow...
It's now a horrible grey slippery mess, far less fun.

Today I'm back to business posting orders and finishing my project to share with you all on Friday.