{two} days off.

Hello all,

As of today I have two days off...together which for those of you who also work in retail know is a bit of a brucey bonus!

I thought I'd just check in with you actually and give you a quick explanation as to why I've been a little rubbish on the {DIY} blogging side for the last few weeks. Well since Christmas actually! Essentially - I've been finding it a little difficult I must say, to juggle a full-time job with completing lots and lots of Etsy orders {essentially having two full-time jobs} as well as find time to create and photograph projects as well as edit and post them!

I think balancing all of this is possible - it's just something I need to play around with before I will get right. So please, forgive me.

However, as I said, I do now have two days to get myself into gear, post all of those orders, finish those {DIY} projects I had planned and get a nice line up of posts ready to roll for next week. I feel a monstrous to-do list coming on!

Anyway - I hope you lovelies are all well and having a nice week despite the biblical {as my lovely friend Els described it} weather we seem to be having...I genuinely thought my windows might cave in with the wind!!


p.s. if you've never met him before - meet Finn {pictured} he's my happy little man, every time I see those little curled up paws I melt!

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