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Hello all,

Yesterday two things happened:

1//. I had a little bit of a melt down {there were tears!}

2//. I received my order from the wonderful Charlotte Vallance.

It was really spooky actually - now everyone loves a good bit of post, especially after a particularly stressful day - but this little package contained something that could not have been more fitting to how I was feeling right then.
Charlotte included that lovely little card you can see above with my order {complete with a very sweet note - thank you Charlotte} which on the front had the quote by Edwin H. Land which I've re-designed above. It gave me goosebumps and made me think about how I look at things. I'm super scared of failure, massively! 

Right now especially - I'm at a bit of a cross roads in my life really, I'm nearly 25, I have a great job which I enjoy every day - but I also blog and at the centre of that is my own business, which is starting to become something really exciting...and, at some point, if this continues to grow, I shall have to do what I've always dreamed of and take the plunge into being full-time self employed. Now that, is a really scary thought. I have financial responsibilities and taking the plunge can be a really risky business.

So right now...I'm a little stuck, teetering on the edge of what is to come, just trying to focus on doing what I do everyday really well and just hoping in blind faith that if I {to quote Nemo} "just keep swimming, just keep swimming" everything will work out in the end. As my hero Steve Jobs once said - "you can't join the dots looking forward, only looking back".

Tomorrow is an exciting day - so there will be a Saturday post to look out for!
Have an awesome weekend!