I've started something...

Hello all,

I'm typing this here blog post with even wearier Sunday evening fingers than usual. That's because I've started something new, well not started as such but I've certainly attempted to get back onto the wagon.

The news is, I joined the gym...on Valentines day no less and have been everyday since. Crazy motivation came from somewhere, I don't know where or why but I'm definitely running with it {no pun intended!}.

For some unknown reason I also decided to purchase myself this '30 day shred' DVD which everyone seems to be raving about. It's set to arrive tomorrow morning and I must say I'm rather scared.

I'm doing this not just to lose some weight and tone up - but to help myself build a proper routine to stick to, as I've talked about before, juggling a full-time job and a small business is difficult - and in the evenings it's all too easy to slump into the sofa and feel to tired to get everything I need to done. I just need to use my time more wisely and going to the gym picks me up and gives me time to think. 

So although this isn't really a lifestyle blog, I hope you won't mind if I occasionally throw in a post on my progress. I'm aiming to lose 21lbs {over a sensible amount of time!}.

I have a sweet little post to share tomorrow which I'm exciting about - so be sure to pop back!
I hope you all had wonderful weekends!