5 {simple} things

Hello all & HAPPY happy Friday!

I hope you've all had a lovely week, despite the very strange weather we've been having over here in the UK! 

I thought I'd share a new little feature with you all today, '5 {simple} things' that made my week! Sometimes we all, we I know I do, over complicate things and it only makes life stressful - so in the spirit of keeping things simple and being thankful for the little things...here's my new feature.
1//. these boots for helping not killing my feet on their first outing...to an interview!
2//. this felt from Lupin for being such cheery colours!
3//. this order that arrived from the wonderful Leigh..shop here.
4//. this banana cake - because Jack made it & it tasted heavenly.
5//. these beautiful new cards that arrived for my Etsy orders..shop here.
What simple things made your week?
Have an ace weekend - I shall be working tomorrow but digging at the allotment Sunday - hoorah!


p.s I have one of these little ex shop display hand illustrated plates left if someone would like it?
£12.50 {50% off} - tweet me @ohnorachio if you would like him!
original Etsy listing here.